Thursday, April 8, 2021

2021 here we go

 Hi all, so sorry for the delay.  Had some personal problems occur since the last post.  My dog deedee ( the big brown one who has appeared in instagram and such), started having more arthritis problems so we were in and out of the vet for a few months getting scans and trying medication.  unfortunately with her falls, she ended up having an underlying medical condition that she passed away from mid january. It was a shock and between fostering dogs and working, i slipped a bit with posting.

I am excited to announce that one of the dogs i was fostering was a 7-9 week old boxer mix and i have since adopted him! We will start training this summer in hopes he( and maybe jimmy the other dog)  will be pet therapy buddies in future sessions.

A few work changes; the website is under construction, getting some redesigning to create a more user friendly experience.  I am also excited to announce that i am getting close to having a waitlist for incoming clients! I am working on balancing my virtual platforms with my incoming private practice clients so that i still have room but by my year mark in july there will be a wait, hopefully not a long wait and if there is i have been networking so i will have referral options to keep the wait low.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Time flies

 Hello everyone!!!!!!! I am so excited to be here, and I promise I will be posting way more often!  This summer has been filled with all the feelings!   

My first week was a success and has continued through the fall. I am now paneled ( in network) on two insurances- (Medicaid and UHC) possibly three but waiting on the official letter.  I hired a helper to make sure insurance was done right and she is amazing! She checks insurance cards and submits claims, and takes a huge load of stress off of me! ( you've had to deal with insurance on the patient end, its even worse on the provider end!).   

I have such amazing community y'all. My friends have helped me recreate my logo, redesign my website, given me resources to learn how to use technology and save my sanity.  I recently did a self care bag drawing when my facebook page reached 300 followers!! I am learning so much about social media, computers in general, and the adventures of running my own business while being the main provider in a business.  

I am excited to continue sharing with you, my next big technology venture is my virtual office that will provide resources on how to handle COVID-19, General Anxiety, Adhd, Mindfulness and more, as well as fun games to play if you need a break ( including chess, checkers, mancala, pictionary, more to come) 

I also plan to "Go Live" more frequently on facebook! ( or even instagram), please comment if there are specific topics you would like me to discuss!

Friday, July 10, 2020

First week in!! my OWN agency

So excited! ALL the feels everybody.  Fear and excitement, nervous and contentment.  I am one week into my clinic, and it is so weird not being fully busy with things to do and a full client load to see.  I have plenty to do and had a productive week, but it isn't like being at the old clinic.  Here I am the boss, I get to approve my releases, policies, documents, set up billing, figure out insurance, marketing, referrals, waitlists and so much more!  This week I was able to get my billing system set up to my new portal, documents with digital signature sent to clients who followed me, signed a few people including a new client up for sessions and saw people for sessions!!!  I also did a bunch of online teaching classes with Qkids and Cambly, and did with with my BetterHelp clients!!!  I will also be a new member of Talkspace after i complete orientation. Talk space and Betterhelp are Online Telehealth clinics to help supplement until i build a steady client load through my regular clinic.

I seriously dislike insurance, just gonna throw that out there! However, i am willing to go through the difficulty for clients old and new.  I have been accepted into the Optum Panel which is a string of UHC .the "behavioral health side of UBH". So that is super exciting! I am working on Forward / Medicaid and hope to get that soon. The trouble with insurance is i have to fill out applications with all my special numbers, and wait.... and wait... and wait.. and hope it was filled out correctly or not missing anything like a check mark a document that should have been uploaded.  insurance can take 3=6 months or up to a year to approve providers to be on panels.  I am learning alot, and have a friend whos helping me between her own work.  I have so many supportive people in my life that i am thankful for!!! 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Peace in Colorful Dynamics LLC

Welcome followers! Im so happy to announce I am opening my own clinic "Peace in Colorful Dynamics LLC" . It has always been a dream to have my own business (like my dad and brother). I have many hopes and dreams for this clinic. While i truly enjoyed being a part of the Catalpa family I am looking forward to extending my services to more individuals.

The clinic is located at:

1477 Kenwood Dr.
STE 200
Menasha WI 54952

I share a space with other independent therapists - this offers the opportunity to refer if I am not the best fit.  They also offer groups and a variety of specialities.

I will continue to offer :
Individual sessions or Family sessions - To accommodate social distancing I also offer Telehealth or video conferencing options.

Children ages 10+, Teenagers, Adults, Elderly 

I do not accept insurance at this time, however I am in communication with several companies to offer this payment option in the future.

Sliding scale is available for those with financial need / individual basis.

I will post pictures soon!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Independent - Peace in Colorful Dynamics

My big news! With covid and a slower schedule ( despite online teaching, and still doing telehealth with many clients), I have come to the realization that I need to take better care of myself post pandemic.   I am eating better, sleeping better, exercising and relaxing more, and as soon as my schedule increased with the telehealth it all went away!!!!!! I have always wanted to open my own clinic. My dad is a small business over, my brother was for a while before health issues become a problem, my grandpa and uncle had their own businesses.  I will be opening my own counseling / art therapy agency in menasha. I found a small group of other independent therapists who had extra space and are willing to network, refer and offer mentorship.  There is also a massage therapist in the same building! What better self care is having a massage therapist with good rates nearby?  Im totally excited and scared to start on my own, but I have a great feeling about this. This time I wont be under a different clinic, I will be my own boss, which means in charge of my own schedule, in charge of which clients I accept, and will only be able to yell at myself if I don't end up agreeing with one of my choices. I have a solid plan which I discussed with a financial advisor, i'm looking into marketing and advertising,I have sent letters to current families and made connections with other professionals in the area, I am very hopeful that this will be successful!  My online teaching will be helpful as supplemental income and I found two online therapy programs that i'm in the interview process for so that should help as well while i'm waiting for in person clients.  I am also becoming certified as a "life coach", it has always been an interest of mine so during this time i'm going for it.  Over all my business name "Peace in Colorful Dynamics" is back!  I had initially held this name while under the small start up in west allis and small clinic in  Green Bay, but this time its all me, not attached to anyone else.  I will miss my catalpa family, they have been wonderful!  I am ready to move forward, try new things, see children and adults and enjoy the learning experience as I go.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

CHANGES changes everywhere

Hello!  These last few weeks of social distancing and fear have made me reevaluate my life.  As far as the online teaching- i was accepted into qkids and cambly kids!  so i am now an active english as second language tutor on Cambly - Cambly Kids, Itutor, and Qkids!  ( i also have italki and vipkid but they do not seem to book as well)

As far as other changes. I have realized that i need to take better care of me.  While i love where i work, the clients i see and the organization as a whole, this time of taking care of me and having a flexible schedule / being my own boss has shown me that is what i need.  I am currently back at 60 % or more of my client load and i have been too exhausted to continue working out much less walk the dogs or eat regularly like i have been. ( last time i walked the dog a neighbor yelled at me for them poo ing.  yes i always pick it up. it made me see that im more of a nervous wreck then i thought i was and i know worrying about my health in this time of covid isnt helping, and helping take care of everyone else for work isnt helping either, much less to be yelled at for something out of my control).  I have decided to make changes which i will officially announce in the upcoming months, and while i am scared i am also very excited!  i have a plan and hopefully third times the charm!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

keeping busy

well its been a busy few weeks!  normally when im stressed i clean, but i really enjoy this, so between my actual work doing telehealth and video conferencing, i do this online teaching in the off hours. 

Here are the results from applying to other programs, because as much as i love cambly it does not make alot, and im not getting vipkid bookings so im going to hold off putting any availability there till summer when the kids are out of school.

Applied            Denied             Made it through application process            Denied              Accepted!

whales english      X
Qkids                                                              X(still going)
Italki                                                                                                                                                 X
Itutor                                                                                                                                                 X
Open english         X( but they will check back in 6 months)
Magic Ears                                                                                                           X

i think that was it....the process was interesting, it ranged from demo videos and interviews with robots to live interviews, demo sessions and trials with real life kids!

some things to know if you plan on doing multiple companies plus regular work on top of that:  make sure your computer can handle it!  i replaced / upgraded mine today. i can still use my old one for bare minimum stuff but i have now moved my work stuff over to the new computer.  i also got manycam! which is so cool, you can put a background behind your photo and edit your video feed! im still learning but its going to be an awesome addition. i have already recieved bookings for itutor and italki- one nice thing about italki is i can use that money to go back into italki for live spanish lessons!! my goal this year is to relearn my high school spanish and be able to use it.   if anyone knows how to transfer pc to mac, please help! mine keeps saying edge is open but its definitely not open!!!